CSM for Individuals

Build skills and confidence to take on the world

The CSM Course builds High Performance, delivering a new type of college and career readiness:

  • College math credit
  • A Credly digital badge of High Performance
  • An employability skills certificate aligned with the Common Employability Skills framework
  • Strategic literacy skills
  • Independent learning skills
  • Problem-solving strategies and mindsets
  • Attention to detail and conscientiousness
  • Persistence and self-reliance
  • High personal expectations and an intention to excel
  • the skills of making career decisions throughout your life
  • deep, earned self-confidence

The CSM Course

Powered by next-generation learning technology that simultaneously personalizes instruction in academics and how you learn, act and feel.

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The CSM Certificate

Certifies High Performance, employability skills, and gains college math credit.

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Career Strategies

A new approach to career development focusing on learning the skill of making career decisions throughout your life.

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College Prep and College Credit

The CSM Certificate is one of the least expensive and most supportive ways to gain college math credit.

The CSM Course is especially suited to people who are:

  • Looking for inexpensive ways to earn college credit. The CSM Course costs hundreds of dollars less than tuition at most colleges.
  • Scared of college algebra. Fear of math is one of the biggest reasons that people don't start college, and one of the biggest hurdles they face once they arrive. The CSM Course is one of the only ways to earn college math credit without any algebra. 

"CSM made the process of completing the Quantitative Literacy requirement for my bachelor's degree absolutely painless. The course creates a learning environment that guarantees success. Just going through the course validates existing knowledge and teaches new skills.

It was easy. It was fun. Couldn't recommend highly enough for anyone with math anxiety or test anxiety."

Liria Mersini, Student
Thomas Edison State University (TESU)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very different from the other online courses that I had been taking during my journey to get a bachelor's degree. The different method of learning worked well for me and it really clicked. It was a welcome change to the traditional learning methods that I'd experienced and I can't wait for CSM to develop more courses worth college credit. I would definitely take them!"

Rachel L.


Personalized learning technology with seamless remediation

The CSM Course can help students remediate gaps in math knowledge down to 5th grade math, while also providing an extra challenge and a head start on college.

The free coaching Toolkit also provides parents access to deep information about their teen's learning decisions, reading effectiveness, focus, and more.

“CSM should be particularly helpful for struggling students who doubt their ability to learn. However, the soft skills taught in the course might be needed by students who are college-bound and meet academic requirements but still lack confidence and persistence when confronted by new tasks. In addition, CSM can also help academically strong students who need to accept greater personal responsibility.”

Cathy Duffy
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“CSM is a unique course… If you are looking for an alternative to the Pre-algebra / Algebra 1 / Algebra 2 sequence, this would be a great course to consider.”

Homeschooling for College Credit
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Outcomes evidence

Effective at teaching academic skills

An evaluation by Stanford Research Institute, comparing CSM to ALEKS from McGraw-Hill and MyFoundationsLab from Pearson, showed that CSM had the highest math and literacy gains relative to classroom learning, as well as the highest student engagement.

Prepares students for college

In an adult and opportunity youth program at Cuyahoga Community College, the college was surprised to find that:

  • 28% of people who earned their CSM Certificate registered on their own for associate degree programs (expected: 0%)
  • 80% of those who matriculated have either completed their degree or have multi-semester persistence (national average: 20%)

A curriculum for everyone

A Philadelphia-based health insurance company uses CSM for corporate upskilling. 97% of employees found CSM challenging, motivating and made them better at their jobs. Interestingly, the educational backgrounds included people with high school diplomas through advanced degrees, all taking the same course!

While different people need different skills,
CSM's High Performance competencies have universal value.

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