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A holistic approach

Holistic Career Development

CSM and Career Strategies  take a holistic approach to putting individuals on a solid footing for directing and advocating their career development throughout their lives. This comprehensive, long-term approach to career development  is equally applicable to schools, college, adult education, and workforce development.

Together, the CSM Course and Career Strategies provide the tools that a person needs to be an agent of their own career development success, including the ability to grasp for opportunities and be resilient to setbacks.

The CSM Course builds skills of High Performance and Lifelong Learning, including:

  • quantitative reasoning and professional literacy
  • problem solving
  • the skills and mindsets of learning on your own
  • the intention to excel, supported by attention to detail and persistence
  • deep, earned self-confidence

Career Strategies teaches career decision-making skills and mindsets to develop an internal career coach for decision making throughout your life. Topics include:

  • Credentials help you get a job; promotions make a career
  • Using a living wage as a salary target
  • Learning how to put purpose and passion into anything you do
  • How to jump to another career pathway if your current one isn't working

Equity Focus

Many people are ashamed by their past educational or work history, and are easily discouraged. They have difficulty imagining themselves in good career and taking the steps they need to get there.

CSM raises skills and self-efficacy, leading to higher aspirations and goals. The CSM Certificate gains math credit at many colleges, making post-secondary degrees more attainable, as people can start college with math in the rear view mirror, while feeling confident from having succeeded at a challenging educational experience.

Career Strategies provides the framework of how to navigate a lifetime of career decisions, making career choice less opaque and scary and leading to higher aspirations and a roadmap to success.


CSM and Career Strategies can be taken interwoven together, one course can be done before the other, or either course can be taken independently.

CSM is an adaptive learning course that takes 20-80+ hours. Learn more about CSM, implementation, and pricing.

Career Strategies takes 6-8 hours. Learn more about Career Strategies and pricing.

High schools

Career Strategies can be used on its own as a companion to career guidance, providing a student with a framework for thinking about careers that will make conversations with a counselor or use of career choice software more effective.

Examples of possible CSM use include:

  • As part of CTE training or project-based learning
  • as a college and career readiness course
  • as preparation for dual and concurrent credit program

Adult education

Career Strategies is a small footprint, high-impact way to provide sophisticated insights into how adults can build careers.

CSM can be used in high school equivalency course and post-secondary transition.


Many colleges are implementing some form of career pathways or Guided Pathways. However, there are limited career navigation personnel to guide students, and the problems become more acute when students choose pathways at orientation.

Career Strategies can be provided before orientation to build aspirations and a career decision-making framework.

CSM can be incorporated into curriculum, or provided to students as an alternative pathway to math credit while building self-efficacy.

Workforce development

The range of clients in workforce development, coupled with the range of possible education and work training activities lead to an excess of possibilities.

CSM builds a rich set of skills, provides the math background needed for many training programs, and boosts self-efficacy and aspirations.

Career Strategies provides an internal framework (the skills of making career decisions) that will make the short time available for career discussions much more effective.

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