CSM for Employers

Thriving, productive employees

CSM builds and certifies the High Performance skills that all employees at all levels and functions need to thrive:

  • professional math and literacy
  • learning agility
  • problem-solving strategies and mindsets
  • attention to detail and conscientiousness
  • persistence and self-reliance
  • high personal expectations and an intention to excel
  • the skills of making career decisions throughout your life
  • deep, earned self-confidence

The CSM Course

Powered by next-generation learning technology that simultaneously personalizes instruction in academics and how you learn, act and feel.

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The CSM Certificate

Certifies High Performance, employability skills, and gains college math credit.

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Career Strategies

A new approach to career development focusing on learning the skill of making career decisions throughout your life.

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Applications and Benefits

General Employee Upskilling

Upgrade performance in addition to skills

High Performance is critical across job titles and levels. Build competencies like learning agility, persistence, and attention to detail to ensure that ensure that everyone performs at the highest level.

Supervisor and Manager Development

Grow your own with career skills

Transitions up from frontline positions are often challenging for both employees and employers. CSM builds the most critical skills for promotions and growth, and can increase your pipeline and make it more diverse.

Workforce Development

Create a broader, more diverse pipeline

Share the CSM Course with your workforce development partners to ensure that new hires have the skills and competencies that you require. The CSM Course can also boost completion rates in sophisticated sector-specific workforce development programs by ensuring foundational skills and learning agility.

Tuition Assistance

Improve access and ROI 

CSM improves utilization of tuition assistance programs as employees "test the waters" with an extremely inexpensive course that gains them key college math credit, improves their ability to learn and succeed at college, and builds their confidence to take on the larger college commitment.

Culture Transformation

Build a performance culture

When employees at many levels of a company take CSM together, people can collaborate from a foundation of shared knowledge, and managers have new-found respect for the people that they supervise. There's magic in achieving a shared goal.

Case Study: Health Insurance

A major health insurance company implemented CSM for upskilling across all positions -- frontline to managers. Employee education levels were nearly evenly distributed across high school diplomas, associate degrees, bachelor's degrees and postgraduate degrees.

I found parts of CSM challenging


I found CSM motivating


There are more task I can handle at work


I feel more prepared for further education


I feel more excited about further education


"So what did [CSM] teach me? That I can overcome fear and anxiety, that I'm not a quitter when the going gets tough...I learned about math, but I also learned about my own personality. I learned about logic, but I also learned about my own patience (or lack of at times). It's not about smarts - it's about utilizing our skills and trusting that we can slug our way through a tough spot."

— Roxolana T., Manager of Compliance Audit

Turnkey Implementation

With our Expert Coaching services, we take care of administration and coaching your employees through their CSM experience. Our Expert Coaches will design an implementation plan that works for your needs and communicate frequently with your training facilitators to ensure a successful program.                    

"The Expert Coaching has been vital to the success of our candidates in completing CSM. I have marveled at the commitment, stamina and innovative techniques our Expert Coach has exhibited over the past year. She has provided inescapable support to inspire and cheer our candidates toward completion."

Case Study: Pre-Apprenticeship

Pepco/Exelon (the Washington, DC electric utility) was struggling with low passing rates on the CAST (Construction And Skills Trades) test in their pre-apprenticeship program. To remedy this, participants earned their CSM Certificates in an intensive 6-week program before progressing to other training. They found that:

  • Passing rates on the CAST test rose from 20% to 67%
  • 90% of participants agreed that the CSM Course helped them learn how to fix mistakes, that they are more careful in their work, and that they spend longer trying hard problems
“I was very pleased with the results of the CSM pilot program. We observed that individuals that progressed to the Pathway to Energy training (only those who earned their CSM High Performance Certificates), were better prepared and had an extra boost of confidence.”
— Conrad Samuels, Manager, Talent Acquisition, Pepco Holdingsa

Partner with us

Our aim is to develop deep relationships with our clients to ensure success. Our free support extends to:

  • brainstorming with you during implementation planning and reviewing your plans
  • connecting with local colleges to gain the best college credit for your participants
  • providing outreach materials and presentations as needed to communicate with your participants, staff, and executives
  • supplying language for and reviewing your internal proposals
  • considering changes to CSM reports based on your administrative needs

If there are things you need that aren't on the list above, please ask - there's no fine print here!

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