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High Performance and Lifelong Learning, for everyone

  • college-level quantitative reasoning and professional literacy
  • the ability to use those skills to solve everyday life and work problems
  • the skills, mindsets and behaviors for learning new skills on your own
  • an intention to excel, supported by attention to detail and persistence
  • self-efficacy - confidence that comes from hard-earned success

These High Performance and Lifelong Learning skills are the foundations for success, whatever you do.

They develop resilience and allow an individual person to bounce back from challenges.

They build aspirations and allow individuals to grasp for opportunities.

They help students graduate from high school, enter college and succeed.

They allow employees to enter rigorous training programs, excel at work, and gain promotions.

In scale, they can transform the economic prosperity of a community.

The CSM Course builds High Performance and Lifelong Learning skills

The CSM Course uses next-generation adaptive learning technology that personalize instruction in academic skills, and how you feel and act.

The CSM Course has an unprecedented range of use: across venues (schools, colleges, adult education, workforce development, employee upskilling), ages (15 to 65+ years), and educational backgrounds (low-literacy adults to those with advanced degrees). This is a reflection of the universal value of the CSM High Performance and Lifelong Learning skills.  

  • CSM has the highest math and literacy gains compared to gold standard courses from McGraw-Hill and Pearson (SRI, 2017)
  • Opportunity youth who completed CSM have substantially higher college persistence and degree attainment than the national average (Brookings, 2019) -- a reflection of their strong learning skills and newfound self-confidence.
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The CSM Certificate - A Pathway to College and Employment

The CSM Certificate is a pathway to college - it is accepted as college credit math credit at many colleges and universities.

The CSM Certificate is a pathway to employment - it certifies the employability skills -- skills for success at any job. The CSM Certificate comes with a Credly digital badge and lifetime biometric verification.

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Other SeeMore Courses

People need a framework to make informed and effective career decisions throughout their lives. Career Strategies is a short, self-paced mini-course to build an internal coach who will be with you for life, by teaching the skills of making career decisions.

Learn more about Career Strategies

Technical Mathematics Essentials extends the CSM Course into the more advanced math needed for technical careers such as laboratory technicians, water/wastewater operators, and electromechanical maintenance.

Learn more about TechMath

Excel Together leverages the unprecedented breadth of use of CSM into a novel community-wide initiatives to transform pathways into college, and deliver High Performance to people entering and already in the workforce.

In Excel Together West Virginia, for example, CSM is available to all adults at no cost, and satisfies the general education math requirements for associate degrees. CSM will soon be available statewide as part of unemployment benefits, and the state jobs database will allow employers to indicate CSM as a preferred credential. Other work is extending CSM to industry associations, schools, and more.

We are in discussions in a number of cities and states to extend the Excel Together model across the US.

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