The CSM Certificate

A certificate of High Performance, Lifelong Learning and employability skills that gains college credit

The CSM Certificate of High Performance & Lifelong Learning is earned on completion of the CSM Course, can be verified by colleges and employers, and has an associated Credly digital badge.

In addition to certifying High Performance and Lifelong Learning skills, the CSM Certificate is equivalent to a college math course, and is aligned with employability skills.

High Performance and Lifelong Learning

CSM Certificate holders are High Performers and Lifelong Learners. They are capable, confident, and adaptable, with the skills, attitudes, and self-confidence to thrive in education, work and life. These competencies are critical for everyone: from high school and college students, to nurses, to corporate managers.


  • Mental calculations, estimation, and scale
  • Complex units and unit conversions
  • Applied math, including complex graphs, data, and financial calculations
  • Multistep problem-solving and complex logic
  • Information extraction, proofreading, inferencing, and hierarchical information


  • Independent learning and learning agility
  • Learning through reading
  • Active learning
  • Carefulness and attention to detail
  • Persistence, self-reliance and resilience
  • Confidence and self-efficacy

College Credit

The math certified by the CSM Certificate is the equivalent of a 3 semester hour college-level course in quantitative reasoning.

The American Council on Education Learning Evaluations (ACE ®) has evaluated the CSM Course and Certificate, and recommends that colleges accept the CSM Certificate for credit. Find the full recommendation here. SeeMore Impact Labs has articulation agreements with colleges representing over 800,000 students.

Click here for more information on CSM College Credit

Employability Skills

The CSM Certificate is aligned with the widely adopted Common Employability Skills framework, which details the skills that are needed to succeed in all jobs across industries and levels. While most workforce certificates relate to job-specific skills (e.g., an IT or welding certificate), the CSM Certificate indicates that a person has key general skills needed in every job. 

"The CSM Course and CSM Certificate addresses a core set of the Common Employability Skills that is directly linked to high performance on the job. It focuses on individuals being their personal best: caring about what they do, pushing through failure, having high expectations for themselves and following through."

Valerie Taylor, co-author of the Common Employability Skills framework

Formal Certificate Description



equitable access

higher graduation rates

address math issues

community engagement

stop-out recovery


Workforce Development

postsecondary access


high school equivalency

career development

employer partnerships



performance upskilling

broaden, diversify pipeline

access to tuition assistance

higher engagement

culture transformation



community uplift

postsecondary access

employer engagement


economic development


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