Mission and Values

SeeMore Impact Labs is a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation that invents, develops, and delivers human-centered solutions to help people and communities thrive.  

Our pathbreaking courses build valuable academic and job-specific skills, and most importantly address the whole person – their independent learning, career decisions, fears and aspirations, challenges and strengths, and belief in themselves. Our courses empower people to be resilient to setbacks and ready to grasp opportunities in education, work and life.  

We include “Labs” in our name because we are inventors, and we look for approaches outside of conventional practice that may not have been previously explored. We brainstorm from a blank sheet of paper, and build and test and sometimes begin all over again. Our creativity continues from product development into creating new business models to drive system change and help as many people as possible. Our logo is inspired by explorers – instead of consulting the known map, we start our journeys with a spyglass looking through the mist into the future.

Our Values

We value partnerships and the patience and trust that fuel them – we welcome all.
While we have high expectations for ourselves, we believe that this should not come at the expense of our happiness, sanity and families.
We value kindness and we believe that everyone deserves respect.