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Implementing SeeMore courses, like CSM, requires only two things:

  • Internet-connected device (mobile, tablet, laptop) with modest bandwidth
  • coaches for students

The sections below flesh out the details!

General Program Structure

The CSM Course is built for flexibility, and we have many features to help support your program needs.

In classroom or at a distance

The CSM Course is self-paced. Students work on CSM online, and even in a classroom, students are each working independently.

For distance learning: The CSM Toolkit provides coaches with in-depth information on how students are learning (their learning strategies, focus, pace, etc.), as well as the skills mastered. There's also an integrated messaging system for coaches and students.

For classroom learning. Students can build community and encourage each other, and work independently while the coach works with individual students or small groups.

Seat time or competency-based

Some programs are structured around seat-time (e.g., all students will use the CSM Course 3 hours per week for a semester), while others are competency-based (e.g., all students will earn their CSM Certificate, however long that takes).

The CSM Course is highly adaptive and personalized to each learner, and CSM generally takes 15-100+ hours to complete, depending on their academic background, reading speed, learning focus, and presence of disabilities or language challenges. However, almost everyone can complete CSM given time and a coach.

For seat-time classes: CSM comes bundled with the Challenge Problems and Career Strategies, and early-finishers can seamless transition into these courses and have challenging and interesting material to work on for the rest of the class.

For competency-based classes: the Toolkit includes a Completion Predictor which uses past work on CSM to predict how long it will take someone to finish. This tool allows students and coaches to determine early who will need to find extra time to earn their CSM Certificate.

Bootcamp or spread out

The 15-100+ hours to take CSM can be compacted into a bootcamp format or spread out over months. We recommend allocating at least 2 hours/week to CSM, and no more than 4 hours/day.

Targeted or mixed student groups

Because CSM is successful with students of many backgrounds and abilities, you can mix students from multiple programs together into one CSM class (e.g., students pursuing their GED, college transition, math credit, workforce training, etc.)

Coaching Options

Some number of students will jump in and finish CSM quite well on their own, but most students -- even those with college degrees -- will benefit from having a coach. Coaches help students complete CSM more quickly and with more enjoyment!

There are three options for coaches:

  • Train your own coaches - The CSM Coaching Certification professional development course is free, self-paced, online, and takes 4-6 hours. The coaches do not need to be professional instructors, and can be volunteers or students from previous cohorts
  • Contract with local education and training programs - Please request that their instructors complete our CSM Coaching Certification course
  • Use SeeMore Impact Labs Expert Online Coaches

All coaches have access to the coaching Toolkit, which includes unprecedented information about students.

Click here for more information about coaching options.

Unlimited Free Support

SeeMore Impact Labs provides four forms of free support:

  • Planning Worksheets and support - Our planning worksheets (found below) help you think through all aspects of implementing CSM, and we'll review your worksheet and help brainstorm planning details and suggest best practices
  • CSM Coaching Certification course - our 4-6 hour self-paced online course trains anyone to become a Certified CSM Coach
  • The Toolkit - our coaching Toolkit includes embedded advanced professional development driven by AI to continually improve coaching effectiveness over time.
  • Check-ins - email, telephone, and Zoom support for coaches, we encourage 15-30 minute check-ins with our expert coaches within the first 2-3 weeks of coaching, as well as-needed and from time-to-time thereafter.

Getting Started

Ideally, before registering your organization, inviting coaches and registering students, you'll have plenty of time to plan a structured and intentional use of CSM with the planning worksheets provided below. However, if there's a time crunch and you need to get started now, feel free to skip to Step 2 below, but please circle back at some later point and complete the Planning Worksheets when you have time.

Step 1: Planning Worksheets

Our Planning Worksheets review many options to let you create a well-informed, well-structured implementation plan. If you share this with us, we will review the worksheet and get back with thoughts and suggestions.

Step 2: Starter Guide

The CSM Starter Guide is provides step-by-step information on creating accounts, training coaches, adding classes and students, purchasing credits and more. This is the most essential guide to the nuts and bolts of getting started, once the implementation has been planned out through the planning worksheets.


CSM is a challenging curriculum for everyone, and most learners will complete CSM more quickly and will enjoy the experiecne more if they have a coach. CSM coaches serve as cheerleaders and mentors through the learning process

We have developed free professional development and tools for any coaches at your organization, or we can provide Expert Online Coaches.

The Toolkit


Coaching FAQs


CSM coaches serve as a cheerleader and mentor through the learning process.  Coaches can be in-person or remote, professional instructors or volunteers - they don't need to be content experts, as it's important that the students learn skills on their own.

Anyone who has completed the Hgh Performance Coaching professional development and who brings throughtfullness and enthusiasm can be a successful CSM Coach.

The CSM High Performance Coaching professional development course covers the CSM philosophy, curriculum, and coaching and reporting tools. Coaches responses to required short-answer questions are evaluated by SeeMore Impact Labs staff to ensure understanding of coaching best practices. These lessons are interwoven with the first few skills on CSM to ensure that coaches are familiar with the CSM instructional interface and student resources

We highly recommend that all coaches complete High Performance Coaching before they begin coaching students.

Coaches can take advantage of free “check-ins” with SeeMore impact Labs staff, who are ready to discuss any issues that may arise before, during, or after implementation, including questions about reporting, specific students, classroom organization, program set-up, etc.



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There's nothing we like more than helping organizations successfully implement CSM. Contact us with questions large or small, or to arrange a longer conversation.

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What is the meaning of life?
What is the meaning of life?



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