CSM Certificate Verification

The CSM Certificate

The CSM Certificate certifies that the certificate holder has mastered key essentials of High Performance as evidenced by completion of the CSM Course.

The CSM Certificate is an employability skills certificate, and gains college math credit through a recommendation from the American Council on Education.

Learn about the CSM Certificate

Verifying CSM Certificates

It is important to verify the validity of a CSM Certificate to ensure that people are not fraudulently representing themselves as CSM Certificate holders.

There are two methods to verify a CSM Certificate - through Credly, and on this page.

Method 1: Credly Badges and Transcripts

SeeMore Impact Labs partners with Credly to issue a digital badge for the CSM Certificate. Badge holders can send a Credly badge to an employer, or a Credly transcript to a college. Badges can be verified here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Not all CSM Certificate holders opt to get a Credly badge! If you don't find a Credly badge listed when you verify at the link above, this does NOT mean that someone does not have a CSM Certificate, and please continue to Method 2.

Method 2: SeeMore Impact Labs verification

Fill in the form below to verify a CSM Certificate. This form requires the Certificate Code, which the CSM Certificate holder should provide you.

Verify CSM Certificate

Verifier Information

Certificate Holder Information

Sorry, something went wrong while submitting the form. Please try again later or contact SeeMore Support at support@smilabs.org.

How We Verify Identity

As people work through the CSM Course, they do periodic keystroke biometric assessments to build a Keystroke Biometric Profile. This biometric profile is generated on 6 letter nonsense words (e.g., "CXCXCX"), and cannot and never will be used in any way outside of identity verification.

Before getting their CSM Certificate, everyone completes a Verification Profile. The Verification Profile consists of three parts:

  1. Verification Biometric Profile - a live keystroke biometric assessment that they take with a webcam (there are also apps available to use a smart phone as a webcam)
  2. Live picture of themselves looking straight at the webcam
  3. Picture of their valid photo ID

SeeMore Impact Labs uses a proprietary process to assess the validity of the photos in the verification profile and to match the periodic keystroke biometric assessment data to their verification profile keystroke biometrics.

We offer rigorous alternatives for verifying the identity of people without a standard photo ID. See our photo ID requirements for more information.



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