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High Performance, for everyone

  • Solid applied literacy & college-level quantitative reasoning
  • Using those skills to solve real-world problems
  • Learning new skills on your own
  • Executing your skills with care and persistence, with an intention to "knock it out of the ballpark"
  • The earned self-confidence to do all of the above
The foundations for success, whatever you do.

High Performance competencies are critical for everyone: from high school and college students, to nurses, to corporate managers. While every job needs different specific skills, all jobs need High Performance.

High Performers are capable, confident, and adaptable, with the skills, attitudes, and self-confidence to thrive in education, work and life.

SeeMore Impact Lab's CSM products and services build and certify High Performance competencies. The CSM Courses are appropriate for people of all educational backgrounds and for organizations in a wide range of education, training, and work environments.

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The CSM Course

The CSM Course is a self-paced online course that uses next-generation adaptive learning technology to build High Performance competencies. The CSM Course personalizes instruction not only in academic skills, but also in the way students feel and act.

The CSM Certificate

The CSM Certificate is earned on completion of the CSM Course, and gains college credit (math or elective) at many colleges and universities. The CSM Certificate also serves as a certificate of employability skills. The CSM Certificate comes with a Credly digital badge and lifetime biometric verification.

CSM+ Courses

These advanced courses allow participants who have earned their CSM Certificate to develop advanced skills in problem-solving and critical thinking, technical math and data analytics, and sector-specific concepts.

Coaching Tools

All CSM Coaches have access to the free self-paced High Performance Coaching professional development to become a Certified CSM Coach, and the Coaching Toolkit, which uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze student performance and provide real-time intervention suggestions targeted at each student's specific needs.

Career Strategies

The Career Strategies mini-course teaches the skills of making career decisions throughout a person's life, building an internal career coach.


Secondary Schools

improved graduation rates

college credit

postsecondary readiness

career readiness

school culture


Workforce Development

postsecondary access


high school equivalency

career development

employer partnerships



performance upskilling

broaden, diversify pipeline

access to tuition assistance

higher engagement

culture transformation



community uplift

postsecondary access

employer engagement


economic development


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